Ancient & Wild Organics Pro Elixir Marine Collagen Active+ L Glutamine (100g)

Ancient & Wild Organics Pro Elixir Marine Collagen Active+ L Glutamine (100g)

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Pro Elixir has become a favourite amongst athletes & individuals wanting to thrive & perform to the best of their ability. Why not add me in your protein shakes? Pro Elixir is a youthful blend of hydrolysed marine collagen peptides + L-Glutamine and are high in amino acids & protein. 

Did you know that the body is made up of many types of collagen, 90% of which is Type 1, it is found in skin, muscled, joints, bones, ligaments, hair, nails, everywhere. Unfortunately, your body loses it's ability to make collagen by approximately 1-2% each year, starting from our mid twenties? This loss of collagen is a big part of why we visibly age, it causes the skin to lose elasticity causing saggy skin, fine lines, + wrinkles, making our skin vulnerable + easily damaged. This breakdown in collagen can also cause digestive, joint, and bone issues as we age.

When individuals are experiencing illness or high levels of stress the bodies glutamine levels may become depleted and lead to any of the following:

  1. Anxiety.
  2. Sugar or alcohol cravings.
  3. Constipation or diarrhea.
  4. Poor immune system.
  5. Low muscle mass.
  6. Poor wound healing.
  7. Slow recovery after workouts.

Ancient + Wild Organics hydrolysed marine collagen peptides are known as the revolutionary Super Collagen because of it's unrivalled quality + advanced low molecular weight of 3000 Daltons. Youth Elixir is Type 1 collagen, easily absorbed, + dissolves with no taste or odour. Add me to your daily health + beauty regime + glow up 2020 like a boss!

Use: Stir into any hot or cold food and beverage.
2 tablespoons, 10g, before and/or after a workout.

Ingredients: 95g hydrolysed marine collagen peptides (wild + sustainably caught)
5000mg L Glutamine